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San Diego Made Factory
2031 Commercial Street
San Diego, CA 92113


Post Guidelines

Post Guidelines

We are always looking to highlight our members and residents on social media! If you send us a photo/caption and/or tag us if a post, we will share it on our channels. Just be sure that your image:

1.) Doesn’t include any text, logo, or watermark overlays (we will make an exception for correctly formatted event flyers.)

2.) Is a clear resolution and of a semi-professional/professional quality – no grainy or blurry photos, please! If you need photos take of your products, we highly recommend Kathryn Caudle – you can reach out to her at π™Žπ™˜π™§π™–π™©π™˜π™π™ π™–π™©π™¨π™π™€π™©π™¨@π™œπ™’π™–π™žπ™‘.π™˜π™€π™’ and let her know you’re a member for a discounted rate.

Instagram TakeoverΒ 

We would love to do a mini Instagram take over with you to promote your business if you’d like!

If you’re interested in doing a takeover, check out our story highlights of the previous takeovers so you can get a feel of the structure.

Basically, you would send us about 5 or so vertically aligned video slides. Make sure to:

  1. Introduce yourself and your business
  2. Talk about and show your products and/or art/making process
  3. Go over any special deals, events, or highlights coming up
  4. Make sure your videos are clear and bright. People love seeing process videos or anything visual. Also, if you want us to include any text over or still images, you can include that as well.
Please do not include any text/gif overlay – we will add text to your slides if you send us what you want them to read. Also, please try to send your videos in MP4 format, if possible.
Send these items to Brittany at bree@sandiegomade.orgΒ and we will schedule a time to post them to our story with the swipe up feature going to your website, so please send your website link as well.

We cant want to highlight you!