Membership FAQ’s

Why become a member?

Membership offers you a business listing/advertising on our website, access to other artists in the San Diego community, involvement in local artists events, exposure of your work to the greater public, and more.

What is the membership process?

The first step is filling out the application on this page. Once we receive it, we will review your credentials to make sure you're not a spammer and that you fit within the guidelines for membership. If everything looks good, we will send you a link to pay your membership fee. Once we receive your membership fee, we will build out your page on our website and send you a link to your listing!

What's the membership fee?

There is a $10 a month membership fee that you pay once you've been invited to join. We charge a membership fee to pay for the hosting and maintenance of your business page on the San Diego Made website, and all additional funds go toward advertisements and promotions of the website and the organization. The more we promote San Diego Made, the more your involvement in the organization will increase your business's exposure, and we believe that we can do a lot more as a collective than we could as individuals.

What do I get for my membership?

In addition to the benefits of being a part of a local artist collective stated above, you will get a business page featured on our website. You will also be offered opportunities to show your work at our events like your monthly First Thursday event at the Lafayette Hotel, and some discounted vendor fees at our markets (please note that membership does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a vendor at a San Diego Made market.) 

Have a question that wasn't answered?

We'd be happy to answer any questions you have! Get in touch through our contact page.

Membership Application


Please fill out our membership interest form below, and we will email you once your application is reviewed.

  • NOTE: All members must have a branded website/sellers site and established online presence.
  • NOTE: All members must provide at least one, high resolution, horizontally aligned, semi-professional/professional image for their member page. No text overlay or mosaic images will be accepted.