AtMat SplatMat Designs

AtMat SplatMat Designs began with the creation of a washer/dryer safe splat mat. It has grown to include other practical & fun products like reusable dryer safe snack bags and graphic & textile art.

AtMat SplatMat Designs was inspired by our three beautiful children.

First came our SplatMats – After finding no machine washable and dryer safe splat mats on the market, we created our own! Our latest line is the result of years of research and working directly with our USA based supplies manufacturer to create a WIPEABLE, WASHABLE, and DRYER SAFE SplatMat! And they’re sooo good lookin’!

Then came our Snack Bags – Like our Splat Mats, we wanted to create snack bags that were washer and dryer safe, while still having a clean, user friendly design in TONS of great patterns.

Next came our Stickers – Kris has been dabbling in graphic design for years and this hobby has spiraled out of control. It has even expanded into designing our own custom fabrics that we use in many of our products!


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